Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spider Hat - Another Fun and Easy Kids Craft...NICE!

Oh yeah, She's BAD!!!  But in such a super cute way, right?  This was the easiest and most fun craft yet.  Well, for me anyway.  Look at that cute little thing - just makes me smile.  Continuing the Halloween Kids Craft theme I've had going on, I give you the Spider Hat.

You could probably make this with stuff you already have at home.  This is about a 30 minute craft that kids could totally do all on their own unless they needed scissor assistance. 


Black Construction Paper
Orange Construction Paper

I recommend using a glue stick as it sticks the best in the shortest amount of time.  You could use Elmer's regular glue but that tends to take a little more time to set up and these puppies need to be worn right'll see!

1.  You will need to cut your black construction paper into strips.  One strip that is 2" wide by 22" long which will be the main head band.  You could also make this happen with 2 strips that are 2" wide by 11" long - just overlap and glue the ends together.  That's how I did the one you see.  You will also need 8 strips that are 1-1/2" wide by 9" long, these will be the legs.

2.  For the eyes you are going to cut 2 large black circles, 2 medium orange circles and 2 small black circles out of your construction paper.  I just used things we had around the house to trace, just eyeball it, you've got stuff, you know you do. ;)

Large Black Circles
 Small Black Circles

Medium Orange Circles

Why is there a box around all of this...I cannot for the life of me figure it out!!!  Ugh!  Sorry
3.  Glue 1 medium orange circle onto 1 large black circle like so...

I know I got mad photographic skillz!  (Sorry about the blur, my bad)

... and then glue 1 small black circle onto the orange circle.  Repeat for the second eye.

4.  Next, fold the 8 (leg) strips in half.

This is what you should have now (pic below).  One long 2" wide strip (main head band), 2 eyeballs and 8 strips (legs) folded in half.

5.  Now fold back about 1/2'' of the end of one side of the folded strips.  I hope the picture below explains this better. :/  

Also, take the long strip, main head band, and wrap it around the head it's going on and mark or hold the spot where the strip overlaps itself.  Glue that in place so that long strip is now a circle and then glue your eyes onto it.  It looks best to glue the eyes right next to each other, basically so that the small black circles are close to touching. 

6.  Glue the side of the strip that you didn't fold to the inside of the main head band piece.  Arrange them with 4 on 1 side and 4 on the other.

It should look something like this when you are finished.

7.  Finagle the legs so that it looks more like a spider. 
This is what I came up with.

Of course I felt that Buggie's needed a little something she got purple glitter nail polish and a purple bow in her, hmmhmm, hair.

I am so lucky to have gotten these pictures.  She does not do head gear, the occasional beanie her Dad puts on her but other than that no way.  There's nothing a little banana won't cure - at least long enough to get 2 pictures!

These are super fun for the groms to make and they look adorable in them.  Who wouldn't want a spider hat, seriously?  Big Daddy D was even wearing this one earlier...I promised I wouldn't show the pics but I don't know how long I can hold out. =D

Thanks for checking out the post.  I hope you get a chance to make a spider hat and have so much fun with your little one while you do.  This is a great project to add to the last minute Halloweenie fun list.  Quick, easy, entertaining and very rewarding!!!  Thanks Auntie Vy, we love you!

Oh please let me see your spider hats.  I would love to know what other fun things you did to dress them up!  Have a great day!!!

   LOVE &
      Spider Hats


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  1. So cute!! I am always looking for new kiddo crafts to try with my munchkin. One of my more recent ones is an Autumn Globe (like a snow globe but with leaves):


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