Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahhhhh, FRIDAY!

Happy Friday to all!  Such a feat it is to make it to Friday and so great to be heading into the weekend.  For some reason it never feels this good on Sunday evening.  I have decided that over the next few days I HAVE to work on some of the unfinished projects I have going on around the house.  I can't focus on creating 'new' stuff when the current stuff is in stages.

I could work on this.... 

It's only our living room wall and it's only looked like this for about 4 months.  I'm afraid if I don't work on it/finish it soon D could take some drastic measures.  Not sure what those are but I know this is one project that needs to be completed.  We've already had family here twice since I started it.  I know they were expecting to come back and see the finished 'masterpiece' (not) and instead it looks exactly the same as it did when they were here in June.  Oy!        

I have about 15 sewing projects in the works...where do I even begin???

But really all I want to do is play with Buggie and spend some time marveling at some beautiful shots of Paris that my good friend Christy took on her recent vacation to the city of love, lights, weird food (teehee) and so much more.  You can't believe these pictures.  Please go over to Through My Looking Glass and check them out.  They are awesome!!! 

I guess for now I will at least complete our morning routine and try to wrap my head around where to begin.  Stay tuned......


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