My name is Angelene and I am a 30-something, tattooed Mom of a beautiful, 12 month old little girl. She is the greatest gift the LORD has given me - after my Salvation & husband of course.  We are a pretty punk rock family & after almost 12 months of putting up with the pink and foofy stuff out there we decided to do something about it.  Why can't our kids be punk rock, too?  Why must they suffer in the same ol' colors & designs as all the rest?  Enter Little Buggie Tutu, born of a loving nickname that my husband gave our daughter after the first tutu I made her.  I hope to show other punk rock Moms out there that they're not alone...I, too, share your fear of the pink & foofy.  I plan to post sewing how to's & maybe even some crafts although "that really isn’t my bag baby" ;) I would love to share the craziness that is life with a baby & a husband & an awesome step-son all while trying to LOVE the Living GOD with all my heart & be the best example of one of HIS children that I can be.  I hope you enjoy & please let me know if there is anything you would like to see or if you have any questions.  PEACE - LOVE & Punk Rock!!!


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