Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TooT! DIY No Slip Socks!

Like most awesome inventions these DIY No Slip Sox were born out of necessity.  Ok, so these aren't necessarily an invention.  I did not invent the sock, thank you that gal (you know it was a female...her little one's toes were probably super chilly so she weaved some wool and knitted up some foot and toe covers, thus socks were born!  I have no idea if that's really what happened but it is in my mind) ;)  I also did not invent the fabric paint.  But I did come up with these on the fly when Buggie ate it in the kitchen 7 times in a row in a matter of like 1 minute and 30 seconds!!!

We all have the store bought grippy socks with the fun little dots or some have designs.  Buggie even has a few pair.  It's not that they are horribly expensive but what if all of your grippy socks are dirty and you just can't stop falling down?!?  Then do this!  You probably have everything you need at home. 
Super cheap, super fun and SUPER CUTE!!!

Here we go...

Pair of Socks
Fabric paint
Out of the box thinking

Practice pair of socks, can be older and worn and maybe even slightly too small, like these!

Slip small piece of cardboard or wax paper in between the sock layers to protect the other side from paint and to keep them from drying shut :)

Choose your fabric paint.  I don't know how long I have had this stuff but it says it's dimensional fabric paint - but it's not puffy paint.  I have no clue!

Paint some super cute, fun designs on the footy part of the sock.  Make sure you cover enough of the area to actually count.  I later found out that this pair was not covered enough but they are really too small to matter so they just became the practice prototype. *When painting, keep it sort of thick and not pressed into the fabric of the sock.  This will keep it from inter-weaving and becoming flat.  This is key in getting that sticky, grippy effect.  

Here is another very cute pair. 
I just love the 2 color combo, the possiblities are endless!  

There you go.  An easy, fast and very rewarding, no sew project. 

Painted Sox!!!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I tried to respond to your comment but you don't have your settings on for reply comments :( Anyway, so funny that you stopped by because I saw you today too, but on Allie's site. Loved your tablecloth :) Oh, by the way, I am 30-something tattooed mom too :) Now following.

  2. Great job!!!! Who know puffy paint could still be so useful?!?!? lol I haven't used it since I was making posters for my first New Kids on The Block Concert!! Thanks so much for linking this up at Gettin' Crafty on Hump Day! :)

  3. Ok. Too cute! If I did this around my house, I'd find it peeled off all over the place! You see sliding on the floors is a game! They have learned to use it to their advantage, lol!

  4. We have hardwoods on our first floor, I really need to make some of these! Thanks for joining us at A Crafty Soiree!

  5. I featured these today on Sew Woodsy! Make sure you grab your featured button!

  6. saw you over at sew woodsy what a great idea!!!!!!!

  7. I shared these with my Dollar Store Crafts facebook page:

  8. Like the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention! Brilliant. Visiting from TT&J

  9. Thanks for linking up at Ain't She Crazy! This is a great fall project because all the pee-wee tootsies around here are starting to get chilly. It might even be fun for them to make their own...hmmmm... :)

  10. Clever and cute! Love it!

    I found your post at Tatertots and Jello

  11. I have actually wondered if this would work and now I know it does! I shall give it a go...

  12. @NikkiHahahaha, NKOTB concert!!! Ya, I went to one of those. Don't tell anybody, bwahahaha. Thanks for visiting LBT and leaving some love!!! You made me smile like this =)


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