Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I go....

...on some of my neglected projects.  Egad!  Why does that happen?  How do I start new projects without finishing those that are in the works???  I guess I would need a therapist to figure that out, huh?

I am trying to find some serious focus.  After the week and a half that has just taken place I feel like I've lost some momentum...not cool.  So to help get myself back in the groove I thought I would post some pics of a few of the things that I have managed to accomplish recently as a reminder of how great it feels to complete something! :)

You might have recalled that I mentioned some more birthdays in last night's post.  Well here is a sweet project I did for my Dad's birthday.  All you need is a picture frame, some scrapbook paper or card stock (paper of choice) and some Mod Podge (which big box dominator sells now-nice!). 

Totally slacked on getting a final shot with the photo in the frame but you get the idea.  Sorry about that.  It was super cute and a great present!!!

I also managed to make some super cute cupcake party take-home treats for Bubs Big Ten birthday party.  I had seen this idea in a couple of places and absolutely loved it.  All you need are some mason jars, cake & decorations.  They came out great and were a big hit! 

I baked my killer vegan cupcakes (that taste so good no one believes they're vegan and absolutely loves), cut them in half putting the bottom half of the cupcake on the bottom of the mason jar, piped frosting on top of that then placed the top of the cupcake on top of that and piped more frosting on that.  Bubby decorated them with sprinkles and such and then I did a little of this and that to the top and outside of the jars.  

If you have any occasion coming up where you need to bring a treat, try this.  So much fun!!!

Ok, I'm out for now...gotta get to sewing!  Stay tuned, more adventures in the life of the stitched & nameless to come!!!


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