Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Boobs Are Mine....(sorry guys)

...once again.      teeheehee

Hello friends.  I have had a very busy week.  There have been lots of changes on the home front.  A new season is dawning and thus one is passing away. 

I know you're wondering about the boobs, probably can't get it out of your head right now.  "What is she talking about, her boobs are hers again?"  Well today marks the day that I completely stopped breast feeding.  We have been in the cut back process (weaning-makes me feel like a puppy should be involved) for a little while but today it is done.  Today I am a free woman...well as far as my boobs are concerned. 

You think I would be exstatic and completely over-joyed but it's not quite like that.  I am happy and sad.  I am happy because my baby is growing up.  Happy and thankful to GOD for how strong Buggie is and how healthy she is.  We are so Blessed by her, every single day.  The LORD has HIS hand on her, NO DOUBT! 

I am happy that we made it 13 months and 9 days doing something that is trying and exausting, sometimes painful and heartbreaking but oh so worth it producing a bond that cannot be described with words.  I am thankful for this AWESOME body GOD gave me!  Do you know the things this woman can do???  That all women can do?  We are serious! 

I am sad because my baby is growing up.  That she some how, in some ways, doesn't need me as much.   You see we have not only stopped nursing.  Buggie is now officially walking, sometimes running, around the house.  It has been a couple of months working with her, trying to get her to just take her hand off the ottoman once or take 1 step from Mom to Dad.  

A little snippet of her morning stroll         

Lately she has seemed much more interested in it but each adventure ends abruptly in a decision to stick to the crawl.  Then, this past Thursday, she was ready.  She took 2 steps to me from the bookcase in the office (/sewing room/storage closet room/guest room) ;)  It was so exciting and she was so proud of herself.  So we practiced quite a few more times.  Each time getting a little bit better.  By the time Daddy got home she was able to show him 4 steps in a row along with the biggest, cheesiest smile you have ever seen.  It has been a practice sesh (session) ever since.  Every day.  Every where.  She loves to walk and now tries running!  Egad!!!

Along with all of that she is changing, physically.  Like right before our very eyes.  We swore that she had changed from last night to this morning.  Her face, her hair, her smile.  She talks constantly with some words that you can actually understand.  Amazing!  She can read some words (thanks to Your Baby Can Read and Auntie Vy) and knows animals and colors (not all, mind you, but some).  She knows almost all of her body parts.  She loves her big brother with a love that is palpable, that you can see.  I could totally go on, as Moms do, but I won't.  Just know that she is AMAZING!!!  But she is changing and it is very bitter sweet.  

On a crafty note, I thought I would give you a sneak peek of something I have been working on.  I hope to have a mini how-to for you by tomorrow but there is no telling what tomorrow will bring. =)  I can only worry about today.

Isn't he cute?  Just wait!

I bid you adieu...until the morrow =D  I'm goofy, I know.  Happy Wednesday to everyone.  Half is past and half is yet to come!  Enjoy today - it is a Gift!!!

PEACE - LOVE & Bananas

P.S.  If there is anyone out there who has any questions about breast feeding please, please, please feel free to comment me with your email and I will contact you.  That way it's just between us.  I am no expert and will not claim to be but I did do it for 13 months and 9 days and Buggie and I went through a lot to be able to do it for that long.  I know the struggles and the joys and am so totally free and open to help, listen, encourage, you name it.  You can't embarrass me - you can't shock me...seriously! 


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