Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let Me Tell You Something...

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This has been such an eventful day that I just wanted to shout it out loud!  I feel like I don't get much else accomplished in a day except for my normal routine.  You feelin me, Moms?  Taking care of a 14 month old is a full time, 24 hour a day job.   

To get something else done is so absolutely cool that I feel I have to blog about it.  Here it is, my big exciting day, wait for it, wait for it...

I took a shower

Yeah, I said it, showered and voted!  =D

Seriously, it feels so nice to not only cook and clean and feed and clean and play and teach and clean (I could go on but for sanity's sake, I will not) but to actually get a decent shower and go to the polls...it doesn't get any better.

Ok, it really does get better and I am not in such a stupor that I don't realize I sound like a total craze (I might be a little crazy but that's for another post). ;)  It is nice though to feel like you've accomplished a little more than you had hoped for.  Agreed?

Thanks for reading this far.  Happy Tuesday eve to you all.



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  1. HEHE, this post cracked me up! I totally know what you mean! Mommas have no time to look pretty {or even smell nice}! Congrats on VOTING!


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