Saturday, November 13, 2010

Egad!!! Science Projects...Seriously?!? I Didn't Like 'Em Then...

and I sure don't like 'em now!

Did you guys ever have to do Science Project's in Elementary School???

Did you wait until the very last weekend before it was due to even start it???

I did!

Literally, almost every time, I would not start until it was sooooooo late. 

Alright, so I was a pretty good student and every now and then I would not procrastinate but, um, yeah, I totally slacked...a lot!

It was so hard on my parents, my slacking. 

How do I know this you ask? 

Do I remember how frustrated they were with me?  Not really.

Do I remember the exhaustion on their faces?  Not so much.

Do I remember a lecture about putting things off and how much harder it is when you wait until the last minute?  Ya, that I remember.

But seriously, I know this because I have spent my entire Saturday (sans 3 hours for some house scrubbin and breakfast festivities) working on a Science Project with my husband and my step-son.

3 HOURS !!!


Here's the great part.  In Bubs new school they don't have a Science class.  No Science program, no Science class.

So how is a Science Project still in the mix?!?!?

I don't know, but it is. 

And I'm back in Elementary School (in my mind), sitting at my dining room table, wrought with frustration and the greatest desire to be doing anything else other than working on my Science project all day...because today that's what I did with my step-son...all day.

Aaaaaaaand, we're not finished!

Still lots more to do tomorrow.


Does any one else out there struggle with this?  Any of this???

Procrastination in your own life?

Last minute Science Projects??

The I'd rather be doing anything else than this blues???

It's no fun at all.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  Just had to get that out. 

It is kind of fun doing all of the research again.  I even feel like it's kind of getting me prepared for what it will be like to home-school Buggie.  Can't procrastinate there!

Still don't like Science projects.

Yeah, I said it.




  1. Oh boy! I hated the dreaded science project too! Science never was my strong suit, but I have sad thoughts when it's time to do them with my little one... I hope she will want to do it. It would be better that way, no?

  2. Congratulations- I am giving you the Stylish Blogger Award! Please see this post:

  3. Hey Angelene :) I just saw you over at Allie's again and realized that I have not been getting your blog posts, weird! So, I clicked to become a follower again, hopefully it works. Loved the apron. I left you a comment over there. Did you ever get me email on how to fix the 'no comment' blogger thing? Hopefully it worked for you. Next time you stop by my site, I will check :) Have a great weekend.


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