Sunday, November 7, 2010

"You Got Another Coming"...Jam Sesh!

Seriously, this is the best day ever!

Guitar hero with my boys.

French toast and turkey bacon brunch.

Cool weather.

And my beautiful baby girl.

Thank you LORD for this day and every Blessing in it...and please help me jam! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and that you're enjoying every minute of it!

***Coming Soon...
Stay tuned.  I'm working on an awesome project for my first guest post ever over at What Allie's Making Now.  I will let you know when I'll be over there but it should be sometime in the next week or two.  You should go check Allie out.  This chick is SERIOUSLY talented, like fa real!!!  She has the cutest little girl, too, who is stylin already in some of the most awesome 'makes' from her Mommy.  Check out this Halloween Witch that Allie created from head to toe - HEAD to TOE!!!  Why are you still here???  Go check it out! ;)



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  1. Hey You! Thanks for stopping by Dragonfly Designs... did I mention that we freakin LOVE guitar hero?!?! LOL I'm following.. keep in touch!


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